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21 January 2012 @ 07:44 pm
Masterlist 2012  
Written work
[I've posted all my original works on 'Adultfanfiction' because I was afraid Fanfiction.net would throw me off. You don't have to register (only if you want to review), but you have to insert your date of birth to assure you are over 18. It looks like there is a lot of R rated work, but I'm very mild with my rating because they - are - really mild in my country. Not all chapters are the same rating]

Charles/Jonas (OC's) (one-shots)
[You will be redirected to adultfanfiction.net]
The Resistance ([PG-13])
The Raven ([R])
New Year's Day ([R] for unintended self wounding)

Original stories (NaNoWriMo)
Emile ([R])

Lie to Me (one-shots)
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Fragility ([PG], Cal/Gillian)
Spare Room ([PG], Cal/Gillian)
Cry baby ([PG] Cal/Gillian)
Clara's shepherd's pie ([R] Cal/Gillian)
Our Friendship ([PG] Cal/Gillian, Emily)
For the Girl ([PG], Cal/Gillian)

Harry Potter (one-shots)
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Promise ([PG], Remus/Tonks)
No ([PG], Remus/Tonks)
While my reflection gently weep' ([PG], Remus/Tonks, for [info]metamorfic_moon)
'Remus and I...' ([PG], Remus/Tonks DH)

Sherlock (one-shots)
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The Violin at Three in the Morning ([PG-13] Implied!Sherlock/John)
The Return of Sherlock ([R] Sherlock/John)
A Favour ([PG-13] Implied!Sherlock/John, Irene Adler)
Soo Lin ([PG-13] Sherlock/John)
Break ([R/NC17] Sherlock/John)
'Sherl-- ([PG] Implied!Sherlock/John)
The Amazing John Watson ([R/NC17] Sherlock/John)
John ([R/NC17] Sherlock/John)
Target Down ([PG] Implied!Moriarty/Moran)
People Will Definitly Talk Now ([PG] Sherlock/John, Mrs. Hudson)
The Marksman and the Consulting Criminal ([PG13] Moriarty//Moran)

The Marksman and the Army Doctor ([PG13/R] Implied!Moriarty/Moran, Implied!Sherlock/John, Sebastian/John)

X-Men: First Class
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The Telepath and the Metal-Bender ([R], Charles/Erik)