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26 June 2011 @ 11:39 pm
Fic: The Telepath and the Metal-bender [R]  
Title: The telepath and the metal-bender.
Author: Moonshape
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Pairing: Charles/Erik, Charles/Moira, mentions of Erik/Raven
Genre: angst, slash (M/M), drama
Rating: R
Spoilers: X-Men: First Class
Summary: Charles is reflecting on his evening with Erik in the library
Disclaimer: Story is mine. X-Men: First Class and its characters belong to Marvel. Movie materials to FOX. No profit made. Just for fun.

Chapter 2 - Hope for us (1180)

Charles stood by the window again, drinking a glass of scotch. A towel lay by his feet, trying to absorb the last bit of liquid that had stained the carpet earlier. He would have to call a cleaner because too much time had passed since he had first dropped it. He felt somewhat relieved his mother and stepfather weren’t around anymore because they used to love that carpet.

In the corner of the room lay the broken lamp which he was going to throw away once he finished his scotch. His lips touched the edge of the glass but the liquid didn’t touch his mouth. He stared into the night and at the dark mass that stood at the horizon. Small lights were flashing on top of the dish.

‘Never an option,’ he mouthed Erik’s words from earlier that night when they had been playing chess. The game hadn’t lasted that long after his words and Erik had returned to his rooms shortly after that, leaving Charles to clear up the chessboard, the shattered glass and the broken lamp.

He drained his glass at once, set it down on the windowsill and picked up the remaining pieces of the lamp before leaving the library. He went through the kitchen into the back garden where a large dumpster stood. He tossed the lamp into it and as he brushed off his hands he turned his back to the trash and caught himself looking at the dish again. He pocketed his hands and remained in the garden, staring at the dish as he thought of what had happened only an hour ago.

He felt confused but happy at the same time. It was odd to realise it was truly what he had wanted all that time. But before tonight, he had never thought he could have gotten closer to Erik than before. Only weeks had passed since they had first met but it felt like years already. Maybe he had finally met his match, and Charles didn’t care that it was a man who made him feel warm and complete. This was the United States after all. Homosexuality was not something to be open about.

But why? Why had it happened? Charles wasn’t attracted to men – he knew he wasn’t! He loved women and their beauty! So why had this happened? Why had he allowed it?

‘There’s so much more to you than you know.’

He suddenly remembered his own words from earlier that day. He had said so himself. There was more to Erik than pain and anger and the mutant had just showed that to Charles.

A content smile spread over Charles’ lips as he thought about Erik’s lips upon his. He couldn’t help but lick his lips slightly before he turned back to the kitchen.

He needed a drink.


Raven marched away and he sighed. He looked down at the bottle in his hands and suddenly didn’t feel like drinking anything anymore. He got up and returned the bottle of champagne to the fridge. As he closed the door he looked at his watch and saw it was way past midnight. Maybe it was time for bed.

He walked up the stairs to his bedroom. The house was quieter than ever. The air was filled with the silence before war and it frightened him. He wondered how the others would sleep.

He entered his rooms and took his cardigan off. He drew the curtains shut before he sat down on the side of the bed where he took his shoes and socks off. He unbuttoned his shirt, and along with his trousers, tossed them on the chair that stood by his desk before he pulled the sheets away and lay down on his back. He pulled the sheets up to his waist and placed his hands underneath his head and stared at the ceiling. He knew at once he wasn’t going to get much sleep because Erik’s presence was filling his mind – as if Charles was still reading his mind. Seeing his own memories with Erik in the library earlier, and seeing Erik’s memories of his mother and the Nazi doctor. Erik’s scarred flash.

He sighed and closed his eyes, turning onto his side to see if sleep would overcome him. But he soon opened his eyes again as he heard movement on the landing. He knew it could be any of the youngsters who could still be awake but still Charles held his breath as footsteps were about to walk past his door. But they didn’t. He heard the doorknob turn and the door opened and closed again.

Charles sat up at once and reached out for the light that was situated on the desk next to his bed and snapped it on. He turned to look at the door and felt his heart pound in his throat when he saw Erik standing there.

‘Are you alright?’ was the first thing Charles asked. Why else would the other mutant come to his rooms?

Erik nodded and pulled something from his pocket and threw it over to Charles. A small tin jar fell on the bed and Charles tilted his head to read the writing on it.

Petroleum jelly.

He looked up at Erik.

‘We need our rest Erik,’ he said but Erik took his sweater off and Charles felt his throat go dry.

‘We can sleep when we’re dead Charles’, (lol) Erik said as he crawled onto the bed, placing his hands on either side of Charles’ legs. ‘Which might be tomorrow.’

‘No one’s going to die,’ Charles said but he sounded more confident then he felt.

‘You don’t know that,’ Erik said as he hovered over Charles again, their faces close. ‘You’re not a soothsayer.’

‘I have hope.’

Erik chuckled and looked away from Charles as if he couldn’t believe how naive he must sounded.

‘Hope,’ he repeated.

‘There is hope for the both of us my friend,’ Charles quickly added. He had said it before today, and he still stood firmly behind his words.

‘Us?’ Erik asked curiously and slightly mockingly. ‘What about Moira?’

‘She is nothing compared to you,’ Charles admitted and shook his head. Moira was truly kind, beautiful and attractive. But she wasn’t Erik.

‘Because she isn’t a mutant?’ Erik asked.

‘Because she isn’t you.’

Charles watched how Erik’s lip started to curl and how he moved closer until their lips touched again. He placed his hands on Erik’s neck and the other mutant leaned down upon him. His hands flew through Erik’s hair, while the other man hooked his arm underneath Charles’ armpit.

Charles then lowered his arms down Erik’s shoulders and down his chest and he felt his stomach flutter as he hands wandered down his waist. He knew what he wanted now. He probably had wanted it all along. There was no one but Erik – and there would never be.

‘Erik,’ he breathed into the mutant’s ear. ‘We shall never part. Ever.’

‘Never, Charles,’ Erik spoke in return before hungrily kissing Charles’