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01 October 2009 @ 10:46 pm
Thewlis rox meet 2009  
Thursday, September 24
Meeting Amanda again. We arrived at 5.30 am at Victoria coach station where she picked us up and brought us to our hostel. We dumped our bags because we couldn’t check in yet and went to the city for some breakfast. McDonalds at 8 am! Yugh. After ‘breakfast’ we walked to Buckingham Palace. We’d hoped to see those ‘ fluffy guards’ but they weren’t there so we walked on through the park to the horse guards. We walked passed Big Ben/Houses of Parliament/Westminster Abbey and went to have lunch at Subway’s. We went back to our hostel to unpack and we took a nap. We went to Shaftesbury avenue to get our tickets for Avenue Q. We ate at ‘the Fridays’ (Good food, lousy waitress) and went to see the show. I haven’t laughed to hard in quite some time! That show is just fantastic! That night, we found out the hostel was rather weird. We had the world’s biggest cemetery as view and in the middle of the night, a guy entered our room, dumped his stuff and slept in one of the beds :S

Friday, September 25
Damn. Kensal Green – London Bridge took us more than an hour! We’d really underestimated that!. So we got to the Dungeon at 9, but Amanda wasn’t there yet. She arrived late and told us she’d had some problems at home with a check with quite a big amount of money on it. She suddenly was REALLY short of money. And she had to stay there to October 3rd! It threw her entire day upside down but we did went to the Dungeon. She wanted to go to London Eyes as well but that wasn’t possible any more. Janine and I did get tickets for the Eye as well, because Amanda insisted we had to go. We bought the two pictures that were taken during the tour.

After the Dungeon we ate at Subway (again!) and we went to shop for clothes for Saturday for when we would go to ‘Breakfast’. We went to Hamleys and I bought the Remus Lupin wand! Janine bought me the Gryffindor scarf which I will trade with her for my HP 1+2 scarf. Book shopping after that. I love Waterstones. I bought seven books (The Late Hector Kipling, The Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towsers, Discworld: Light Fantastic, the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and Angels and Demons) for only £55! So fucking cheap! Back at Hamleys, we bought a big bear for Anna. We were sure she was going to love it!. We at McDonalds in Nothing Hill. This is where Dave (Admin of the Anna Friel website) called Amanda and told her it was 99% sure that David was going to come. It all depended on whether Warner Bross would need him that day to film Harry Potter or not. We went to Amanda’s hostel to watch some of the ‘Dedicated to David’ movies on her laptop. There really is some great stuff on those DVDs! I’m sure David will love them! The editing looked really professional!
We went outside to practice what we were going to say to Anna, because Amanda told us we sure would forget everything when we saw her.

Saturday, September 26
Janine and I went to Victoria station to have our coach tickets rebooked. It was done in a jiffy and we only had to pay £3 each! We met up with Amanda at the theatre where Anna was playing and we waited, waited and waited (This map will make you understand what the street looked like). H is backstage door. It was the fire exit where we waited). It wasn’t that bad, apart from the fact that there was no toilet near! We missed Anna when she arrived because she had gone through the front door (A). It appeared she had been running late because of some concert at Trafalgar Square and there were a lot of autograph hunters with us. The driver arrived with an empty van, confirming she had gone through the front door. So we went to the bathroom at Trafalgar and popped into the National Gallery (which was boring) We returned to the Suffolk again and waited. Finally, Anna came out to have some lunch. She saw Amanda and hugged her at once. We gave her the bear and she loved it! God, Anna was so tiny and lovely! Amanda quickly introduced us but she didn’t had much time to stay because she had to go out for lunch. The Autograph hunters were bothering her so she quickly left. We waited again and an hour later, she returned. Amanda wanted to talk to her but she was really tired and had to lay down. We quickly gave her the other presents, a card with good luck wishes and a book on New Zealand (where she will probably film) She really liked it and said it was so thoughtful of us! We ate at pizza hut and went to see the show. It was really great! The performance was great and Anna was fantastic! After the show, we wanted again and she came out again. She signed autographs for us and she took a picture with us. She thanked us for the gifts. Then, she told us David was going to be here at the gala night, making us evening even more better!
Anna went to the car and waved with two hands to us, smiling broadly before the car drove off.

Sunday, September 27
We lay in today, which was very nice. Janine and I went to Piccadilly (Amanda didn’t pick up the phone, later we would find out her phone was having trouble with we-still-don’t-know-what. Janine and I roamed through Soho, Charring Cross (Forbidden Planet!) and China town. We managed to talk to Amanda and met up at the Applestore where we uploaded the picture with Anna. After that, we went to Amanda hostel to book two beds there since our hostel was really shitty. The staff was stupid and it was REALLY unclean there. Amanda’s hostel looked so much better. We ate at Subway’s again and went to Embankment. We walked to London Eye, in which Janine and I took a ride while Amanda called Dave. The view was great and the city was lit like a Christmas three!
We all the way to Tower Hill, passed the Thames, talking about David and Anna. We had a great time even though the walk was quite long. We took the underground back to the hostel

Monday, September 28
While packing, I found out I’d lost my coach ticket. I had put it in my college book and I had used it as a hard surface to have Anna sign her autograph for me. So I’m sure I lost it. We went to Amanda’s hostel first, dumped our stuff and let Amanda sleep because she had slept badly and because her rooms mates had left VERY early and VERY rudely (putting on the lights and packing for two hours long while talking loudly). So we let her sleep and went to the coach station where I got a new ticket (PHEW! I’m glad they could retrieve it! Or else I would have to pay for a new one!). We went to the big Sainsbury at Cromwell road where I bought Terry chocolate for my mum. We went back to the hostel and while Janine took a nap, I read a bit. When she and Amanda woke up, we went to get a beautiful picture of Anna printed for her parents. We went to King’s Cross and platform 9¾ and we did our last Christmas shopping and Janine REALLY wanted to have a photoshoot in Victorian clothing (there is a shop in which you can dress up and you have a photoshoot and you can choose the best pic). So yes. I got myself into a dress and Janine too. Amanda dressed up like a guy. Janine has the pic so I haven’t been able to scan it yet, but I’ll show it when I got it!
We went back to our hostel and Janine went to bed. Amanda and I stayed up late, talking to Aisha, a very nice British girl who slept in the same room.

Tuesday, September 29.
Janine had gone to the Sherlock Holmes museum, and Amanda and I were staying in. Dave called Amanda this morning, telling us David had been at Monday’s show. It made us feel confused. Why would David go and see the performance a day before the gala?
We got out of bed late and the cleaner guy came in. Amanda was on the phone so he left again. When Amanda was taking a shower he came back and he waited in our room, talking to Aisha. He told us he wanted to throw Amanda out of the hostel! I asked him why, and he told me he thought Amanda was a liar. The thing was, since a few days, little lumps had appeared on Amanda’s body. They didn’t look like mosquito bites so the only thing that looked convincing to us was bed bugs. She had asked the hostel for new sheets and they had promises to get the mattress cleaned. But the cleaner guy didn’t agree with this. He told us she was lying and that they didn’t had bedbugs. He got all pissed and asked if she even knew what they looked like. I got rather pissed as well because it was so stupid of him! He was like: ‘our reviews never said anything about bedbugs’ and I told him that someone had to be the first. He said he was pissed Amanda had been telling others about the bugs so he was afraid no one wanted to sleep in that bed. Amanda was more concerned that someone would sleep in the bed and got bitten as well! It was all an act of kindness! I told him that he would be doing the wrong thing to his reviews if he threw Amanda out. Aisha, Janine, Amanda and I could all review the hostel! The guy became unreasonable so he left, leaving us pissed as well.

After I had taken a shower, Amanda went to get her hair done. Janine and I ate at Subway and we picked up the flowers for Anna. We went to the theatre again and saw how the car with her driver in it drove off. It meant we had just missed her. So we waited again.
Desi, Anna’s father, Joels, Anna’s mother and Anna’s grandmother arrived and he gave Amanda two kisses ‘From the two Dave’s’. We knew at once one was from Webmaster Dave, and the other from Thewlis Dave. Amanda asked him if David was still going to come and Desi answered: ‘Possibly.’
Our hopes dropped, and we feared David wasn’t going to be there. She received an after party ticket from someone-I-cannot-name. We still weren’t sure if she could go in, but she was going to try. Sadly, it would mean Janine and I would had to wait. When the show was about to start. Amanda went to the front door for the performance. I got anxious, telling Janine I thought it was unlikely that famous people would enter the theatre through the backdoor, and that this alley was so not fit for drop-offs (since it had a dead end). I told her I was going to look at the side because there was a fancy door there, and even at the front. I crossed the street so I wouldn’t be in the way of the actors who stood at the stage door, smoking.
That was when I saw Sir Ian McKellen (F) at the other side of the street. I followed him back until he went inside and I made a pointing gesture to the Janine, trying to make her look as well. She didn’t understand me so I called I would tell her later, so I crossed the street again. Desi was at the corner of the street (D) so I wished him good luck and rounded the corner.

My heart stopped when I saw a very tall, glasses wearing man standing at the door of the hotel (C). I sprinted back to Janine and told her to leave all the stuff behind, get her Hector Kipling book and run back with me. We reached the corner but David had gone. I called Amanda, telling her I had seen David and while I had her on the phone we walked around the building and found David at the front, signing autographs. I hung up without saying anything and went for David. He was signing (Only Harry Potter stuff! Grrr!) and he we approached him from the back (where no one stood!) He told the crowd he had to go inside because he was running late and that was when I used the magic words: ‘David, I’m with Thewlis rox,’
He turned around and a big smile appeared on his face! ‘Oh really?!’ he said and he shook my hand. I asked him to sign my book.
D: ‘So who are you then?’
V: ‘Moonshape, on the forum.’
D: ‘Oh really!’
V: ‘I’m here with Amanda – she’s already inside.’
D: ‘yeah I thought she would be. Will you be here afterwards?’
V: ‘yeah,’
D: ‘Oh. Well then I’ll see you then.’

He signed Janine’s book and we stepped away, giving him space to get away from the fans. I suddenly completely broke down. I started to shake and I had troubles calling Amanda. I told her we had spoken to him and I was all weepy and she probably didn’t hear a thing of what I was saying. I was so overwhelmed!
We went back to alley and I called Tessa, my mum and Theo. We got our stuff and went to eat at the Pizzahut. We went back to the alley where Amanda called us, telling us she had talked to David. She told us Ian McKellen had been talking to David before he started to talk to her. She told us to wait with the presents and flowers at the stage door. When the show was over, she hurried to us and we waited again. The autograph hunters had to stand at the left and the paparazzi at the right. We stood behind the papz, near the door. The papz were all over the place and one guy was REALLY rude. He pushed us out of the way and we told him he was a rude sod. He told us to fuck off and so the irritation began. We saw David first coming from around the building. He was holding grandma’s hand and helped her inside. He told Amanda he would come and get her soon. Desi and Joels entered as well, followed by Ian McKellen. I wanted to ask him for a picture but he wasn’t stopping for anything, not even for autographs. He went inside as well. We waited and after a while, David came out again, a volley of bright flashes fired at his face. He signed the paper I had Anna sign as well (Picture here) He made sure our flowers would be safe and he took Amanda to the party. Janine and I stepped back and stood near door (G). Ian McKellen came out and I suddenly had the idea of having him sign something as well. So after he got blinded, he pushed his way passed the papz and passed us. I asked him for an autograph and he stared down at my pen and paper, sighed a bit and answered: ‘All right…’ and he signed. (Picture here) He signed something for Janine as well. He went to the party.
I told Janine we’d better move so we could keep an eye out. So we moved to the corner of the street (D). We waited and waited and saw David smoking a cigarette at C. We kept an eye out for Anna at the stage door and when she came out, she was over flooded with flashes and attacked by the papz! She had to be driven to the hotel to avoid them! It made me cry because it was just so cruel! The papz ran after her and the one rude guy passed us and he shouted something to us. I shouted: ‘Rat’ after him and he gave me the finger. Anna got out of the car and I think David took her inside. The rude pap went to his car and passed us. He said something rude to us so I told him to get a job. He called us something again and he drove off, honking to us. I gave him the finger and just rolled my eyes, feeling annoyed by these people.
So we waited and waited, and I got a text from Amanda, saying David wanted to meet us, so we had to wait. So we did. After a while, we noticed David was smoking at door E, and when he was done, he and s group of other men walked around and passed us! Janine was sitting on the floor and I had wrapped two scarves around my neck. David looked at us (with recognition, I think) and he began to stutter a bit like: ‘What - you – are you?’ So I told him: ‘We’re with Amanda – we’re waiting for her because we can’t come in.’ And he told us: ‘Oh let me tell her you’re waiting!’ and we said goodbye again.
We waited some more and I got another text from Amanda, saying she and David were coming out. This didn’t happen until after an hour because Amanda told me later that people kept talking to David. After a while, we saw David was outside, smoking again. We later noticed Amanda came out as well. She and Desi talked at the other corner at Haymarket and we just waited. After a long while, Desi and Amanda went to David and the three of them came to us. Desi was first to talk and he was like: ‘Ah, Viccy and Janine, sorry for keeping you waiting,’ and she shook his hand. We shook David’s hand again and he asked if he were British (was my accent that good?(since I was doing all the talking all the time)) So I told him we were Dutch and he got a face like o.O. Desi took Amanda’s camera. We all posed and Desi made funny jokes, making us laugh nervously (for god’s sake! I had David Thewlis’ arm around me and he was making jokes!). He took a picture and David wanted to take another one. He said: ‘I need to look good on it.’ Janine and I were thinking the same (‘But you always do!’) but we didn’t say anything of course. Desi took another pic (again with the jokes!) and he gave Amanda her camera back. He and David told us to take good care of her because she looked rather cold and upset. David thanked us for the ‘Dedicated to David’ project and for coming and he kissed us (‘EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK’). He asked if we were coming in January and we told we probably would. ‘Oke, see you in January,’ he said and he waved goodbye to us. Amanda didn’t feel so well so we took her to an alley to calm down.
We went to the bathroom at Trafalgar. Amanda’s feet were hurting so I gave her my (WHITE) socks and my sweater against the cold. We walked back via Haymarket. When we looked at the hotel, we saw David was there, so Amanda went to him and said goodbye. The first thing David noticed was the socks and he was like: ‘You’re not wearing any shoes!’ It was rather funny. She said goodbye and we walked to Regent’s Street to get a bus since the underground had closed already. It was 4 a.m when we got to the hostel so Janine went to back. But I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep so I stayed up all night. Amanda was exhausted so she went as well and we said goodbye. *sniff* At 5.30, I woke Janine and we packed and left the hostel. We boarded the coach and fell asleep right away. We woke up when the coach was boarding the train and that was where I had my ‘OMG-I-met-David-Thewlis’ breakdown. I wrote a lot (which I will post later) and cried my eyes off, not knowing how to feel. I fell asleep in the train and woke up at Brugge, where I cried some more. I slept until Rotterdam and I was glad that my stepdad picked me up from the Hague station, because I was such an emotional wreck and it would have taken me ages to get home.
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